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Staff Protection

Alertsystems now offers a complete package of lone worker solutions not just for staff protection but also to protect employers and make sure they have the correct measures in place to cover the Health and Safety Act 1974, and subsequent additions and amendments as well as the Corporate manslaughter act that came in to force in April 2008.

As soon as you realise you are in a dangerous situation or just need the peace of mind knowing that some knows where you are, one press of a panic alarm button programmed in to your mobile phone opens a direct link between you and a team of highly experienced operators and at that moment they are there just for you to listen, pin point your exact location and co-ordinate the correct level of response should the need occur.

An Intruder Panic Alarm Button or Lone worker alarm is probably the most common means of protection for shop workers. Unfortunately, we have found that most shop lone workers are reluctant to use this this type of staff protection as they are not sure what will happen, i.e. a loud siren on site or calling the police when perhaps it wasn’t necessary or even not wanting to pre judge and leave themselves embarrassed. Either way it boils down to the same thing, inadequate lone worker protection.

A Staff Safeguard CCTV system or Panic Alarm can solve all these problems.

As soon as an employee feels threatened or uncomfortable they simply press a covert button/lone worker alarm to activate a live CCTV video and audio link to our remote video response centre where a specialist operator will watch and listen, safeguarding the lone workers.

The operators only take further action if they witness aggressive behaviour. An initial firm audio message is broadcast. If this does not deter then further messages will follow, each putting pressure on the aggressor. Emergency services can also be contacted.

Fantastic peace of mind for any lone worker and excellent staff protection for any employer.

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